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Architecture, the science of designing buildings and other physical structures, has had a significant impact on human civilization. Our website offers a learning journey, exploring different time periods, showcasing marvels of architecture. From ancient times to contemporary architecture, you can find many interesting information in our platform.

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Question 1

Which of these is a famous prehistoric monument?

Question 2

Where did classical architecture flourish?

Question 3

Which architectural period has as its defining design element the pointed or ogival arch?

Question 4

Filippo Brunelleschi is considered to be a founding father of which architecture?

Question 5

When was romanticism prominent in architecture?

Question 6

Which era introduced steel as a basic building material?

Question 7

Which of these is a famous example of postmodern architecture?

Question 8

Which building is a famouse example of sustainable architecture?

Question 9

Which architectural style emphasizes on columns and pediments?

Question 10

Notre Dame of Paris is considered to be one of the finest examples of which architecture?

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